Guide to Download Play store Android App, APK, iOS

For various reasons, you may encounter a situation where you will certainly need to be able to install the most recent (or and older) version of the Google Play Store. As demanding as this may seem, it’s actually rather simple. Below are guidelines on how to install the Google Play Store APK to your device:



  • See to it you have the Google Play Store APK that you intend to install to you device, downloaded and install. You can discover a list of available APK’s right here.
  • Have actually the vehicle drivers installed to you computer that are needed for it to recognize your Android device
  • You’re going to require a file manager installed on your device. Some devices will feature one pre-installed. Personally, I prefer to use Astro File Manager.
  • Next off, you’re going to need to make it possible for ‘Unknown Sources’ accessibility on you device. To do this, go to Settings > Security.
    • Scroll down till you see an option titled “Unknown Sources”.
      • You will not be able to sideload an APK to your device unless you have this alternative made it possible for.
    • Click Unknown Sources to allow it.
    • After allowing Unknown Sources, a warning will certainly appear claiming that your phone will certainly be susceptible with Unknown Sources made it possible for. Struck ‘OK’.

Time to Download

The process I follow includes even more steps than some how to’s, but I think this is the method for setup that entails the least quantity of threat. Due to the fact that we are being really deliberate concerning where we placed the file, we can aid lower the risk for points to go wrong.

  • Presuming that of the requirements have been satisfied, link your phone to your computer.
  • Once your computer identifies your phone as well as mounts it as a device, open up the phone to make sure that you could see the file system and also storage space.
    • On a PC, for instance, you would access your phone utilizing My Computer. Your Android device would be visible as a Drive, and also you would double click it to access its storage.

* If you have an SD Card, I would certainly recommend using it in the following steps. That’s fine if you do not have an SD Card.

  • Find the APK file on your computer system.
  • Duplicate it.
  • You are mosting likely to intend to position the APK file in the Download folder on your Android device’s SD Card (or in the Download folder on the device’s internal storage if you do not have an SD Card).
  • Eject the device on your computer system so that you can safely unplug it when you have put the File on you Android device.
  • Using your File Manager of selection, navigate to the Download folder you placed the APK file in.
  • Click the APK file.
  • On the turn up that appears (it could vary from device to device), choose to install the APK.
  • When installment is finished, you’re ready.
  • The last step is to go back right into setups and disable Unknown Sources.

Congratulations! You have installed a Google Play Store APK on your Android Device! The trendy point is, this same procedure will help various other APK’s that you could intend to install in the future!

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